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Additional Campground Information

campground office at Greenbrier Campground

At Greenbrier Campground, we allow guests to drive golf carts around our campground. While on Greenbrier Campground property, guests can rent a golf cart from us, or use their personal golf cart. We require guests to fill out agreements prior to use of a golf cart on our property. See more below:

Greenbrier Campground Golf Cart Lease Agreement

Rental cost: $55.00/day + tax

Lessee agrees to:

  1. Lessee will defend all claims arising out of or relating to leased golf carts while in his/her possession, from pick up to delivery, inclusive and shall indemnify, and hold harmless lessor and its agents, employees, and representatives against any and all claims, liabilities, losses and other causes of action.
  2. Drivers of golf carts must be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license..
  3. Anyone under the age of 16 caught operating a golf cart on the premises will result in immediate seizure of the golf cart and a $50 fine will be imposed. No refunds will be issued.
  4. Golf carts are not allowed on paved roads and must stay inside the campground property on gravel roads. The speed limit throughout the campground is 5mph. Do not drive golf carts across the road to purchase firewood or to the grocery.
  5. Golf carts can carry a maximum of 5 people and passengers must be seated at all times when the cart is in motion.
  6. Golf carts operating after sunset must have headlights turned on.
  7. Golf cart usage during quiet time (10pm – 7am) is limited to essential use only.
  8. Golf carts must be operated properly. No horseplay, racing, misuse, or driving under the influence will be tolerated.
  9. Report any malfunctions to management immediately.
  10. Return of golf cart(s) must be in the same condition as received and lessee agrees to pay for any damages sustained. Normal wear and tear expected.
  11. Greenbrier Campground, LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage or injury to any person or persons and/or property caused by the use of the leased unit(s). Lessee assumes all liability for and all damages to golf cart(s).
  12. The lessee will be responsible for all legal costs incurred by the lessor while enforcing the terms of the contract.

Anyone violating golf cart rules will have all rental privileges revoked and the cart will be seized immediately. This is your only warning. A $50 fine will also be imposed if any of the above rules are broken. Staff members may ask to see the driver’s license of a driver at any time during the lease.

By signing, this agreement becomes a legal and binding contract. You are agreeing that you have read and understood the rules listed above. This authorizes Greenbrier Campground LLC to charge above listed charges related to this lease.

Download/Print Golf Cart Lease Agreement

What's Included in RV Rentals & Camping Cabins

Our RV rentals and camping cabins are all equipped with a full bath including shower, TV, refrigerator, microwave, stove, and oven. Kitchens are fully equipped. You must supply your own linens, blankets, pillows, towels, and toiletries. The bed sizes are listed on our website for each rental. We supply paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and dish liquid. Please do not use your own toilet paper. The septic systems are sensitive and require RV toilet paper. If you need additional necessities during your stay, please inquire at the office.

This is a comprehensive list of items that are provided in each unit: Plates, bowls, saucers, silverware, knives, coffee cups, glassware, measuring cups & spoons, wine opener, kitchen scissors, cutting board, cooking spoons & spatulas, can opener, mixing bowls, pots & pans, grill/stove lighter, potholders & kitchen towels. Each unit is also equipped with a drip coffee pot (size of pot depends on size of the rental unit). We do not provide coffee or filters.

*All pots & pans are suited for each size of rental unit. If you prefer cooking with a certain type, please bring your own.

All rentals have a fire ring (with cooking grate), charcoal grill, outdoor furniture, picnic table, and parking for one vehicle.

RV rentals and cabins will have a $35 cleaning fee and a $25 pet fee.