Campground Rules & Regulations

We want you to have the best possible experience at Greenbrier Campground. We ask that you enjoy the campground without disrespecting the natural beauty and ambiance for fellow campers. We have created a list of campground rules and regulations for your safety and useful information to ensure guest satisfaction.

CANCELLATION POLICY: You must cancel your reservation 7 days prior to your arrival date for refund of deposit. If you need to change your dates you must do so 7 days prior to your arrival date or you will be charged in full for any dates that have been reserved.  No refunds will be given due to weather or no shows. Reservation fee of $5 is non refundable.

  • Office hours: 9 am – Seasonal closing hours
  • Check in times:
    • RV Sites and Tent Sites:  Noon      
    • Cabins, RV Rentals, and Bell Tents:  3:00 pm   
  • Check out time:  11:00 am   * No late checkouts unless approved by the office
  • Quiet hours: 10 pm- 7 am   *Camp hosts on site during peak season
  • Bath house cleaning: Continuous cleaning
  • Laundry hours: Open 24 hours with key code entry
  • Game room hours: Open 24 hours
  • Speed Limit: 5 mph
  • Please drive carefully and watch for children and pets.
  • Swim at your own risk. Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult. Tubes are available for purchase at our General Store. River depth and speed can fluctuate quickly, so please be aware of any changes. Management will attempt to alert guests to any possibilities of flooding or inclement weather.
  • Children: Children must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. Guests are liable for any damages caused by children that are not supervised.
  • You must be 21 years of age to rent a site and someone in your party must be 21 years of age at time of check in. ID will be checked.
  • Please do not hang clotheslines on your site.
  • No washing RV’s or campers in the campground.
  • Pressure regulators are suggested for all RV’s.
  • No fireworks.
  • Fires are allowed only in designated fire rings. Firewood and charcoal for grilling are available at our General Store. DO NOT burn plastic, glass, or garbage in fire rings.
  • Smoking: Please dispose of cigarette butts in the receptacles provided throughout the campground. DO NOT leave butts on the ground. There is no smoking allowed in any common area.
  • Visitors: All visitors must check in with the office for a parking pass. Overnight visitors will be charged. Day visitors must leave the campground by 10 pm or they will be considered an overnight guest.
  • Garbage and Trash pick-up: Garbage will be picked up by campground staff one time per day at 9 am. DO NOT leave your trash out overnight. We will have bears near the campground due to the proximity to the National Park. If you have additional garbage during the day please tie and place in the dumpster. Please latch the dumpster chain back in place after disposing of garbage. There are also bear proof trash receptacles throughout the campground. Please make sure the top is latched after using.
  • Tent Campers: If you have food items in your tent/backpack please store those items in your vehicle. If you do not have a vehicle, please bring food items to the office for storage. Bears and other critters will smell food in your tent/backpack.   
  • Bears: If you see a bear in the campground please do not approach the bear and do not allow the bear to approach you. Be watchful and change your direction. In most instances, the bear will probably do the same. Do not run. Do not panic. If a bear is persistent, stand your ground and speak loudly. If a bear becomes aggressive do not play dead, fight back aggressively with any available object.
  • Other critters: There are several other critters that like to get in to garbage so please adhere to the garbage and trash rules above. Mr. Raccoon and Ms. Possum can cause just as big a mess!
  • Alcohol:  Alcohol is allowed on the property. The legal drinking age in Tennessee is 21 years old. We ask that you do not have glass in the swimming area and please keep alcohol concealed when in the proximity of other campers, either in a cup or with a koozie. Any alcohol related offense, either underage consumption or disturbing other campers, will be reason for immediate eviction from Greenbrier Campground with no refund.
  • All pets must be on leash (6 feet or less) unless you are enjoying the dog park.
  • Please pick up after your pet. There are pet receptacles throughout the campground and at the dog park for your convenience. This is the pet owner’s responsibility and will be monitored. Please notify the office if bags are needed at any pet station.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended. Management will reserve the right to call law enforcement to remove your pet from a hot car.
  • You may leave your pet in a RV however if guests complain about excessive barking, you will be called to reutrn to the campground.
  • Respect the wishes of other campers with pets. Not all pets are as friendly as yours.
  • Pets are not permitted in the bath house, game room, laundry room, office, or general store.
  • No more than three pets at any RV/camper site and one pet per tent site.
  • Pets must not have an aggressive nature.

If there is an emergency, CALL 911 FIRST, then alert a staff member. There is a first aid kit located in the office. For after-hours emergencies, CALL 911 FIRST, then call the emergency number on the front door of the office.

Greenbrier Campground is not responsible for any damages due to wind, fire, water, or any other act of god. Greenbrier Campground assumes no responsibility for damage to a guest’s property while at Greenbrier Campground, including but not limited to falling tree limbs.

If anyone creates a disturbance, is a nuisance to other campers, or deliberately breaks any of the rules and regulations of Greenbrier Campground, you may be evicted from the property without notice and without refund. Please respect other campers and the Greenbrier Campground property.