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Top 5 Places to Go Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains With Views

alum cave trail
May 25, 2020

When you visit the Smokies, you probably want to see incredible views of the mountains. One of the best ways to enjoy the views is to go hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. The trails range from moderate to difficult since you have to climb pretty high to get a great mountain view. Here are the top 5 places to go hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains with views:

1. Andrews Bald

andrews bald

The Andrews Bald hike may be short in length, but it is still considered moderate. The roundtrip length is 3.5 miles, and the trailhead starts at the Clingmans Dome parking lot. You’ll go through a spruce and fir forest, and there are parts of the trail that have been renovated to create rock stairs to make the trail easier to climb. Once you reach the top, you’ll walk out onto the bald, which is a grassy meadow on the top of a mountain. In the spring, there are several wildflowers in the area. People enjoy bringing a picnic here to enjoy or just taking in the beautiful views of the mountains.

2. Alum Cave

The hike to Alum Cave is a pretty popular trail for hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. If you are just hiking to Alum Cave, the roundtrip length is 4.4 miles. This trail is also used to get to the summit of Mount LeConte, and if you decide to hike that part of the trail, it is 10.5 miles roundtrip. The first part of the trail goes through a forest and has beautiful rhododendron that blooms in the early summer. The first major feature along the trail is Arch Rock. There are views all along this trail, but they are really beautiful at Alum Cave and at the top of Mount LeConte.

3. Charlies Bunion

charlies bunion

A great trail for hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains to see views is Charlies Bunion . This trail is considered difficult and is 8 miles roundtrip. The trailhead is off of an overlook at a parking lot along Newfound Gap Road. The incredible views start before you even reach 1 mile into the trail. You will also see a ton of wildflowers along the trail in the spring and summer. When you actually reach Charlies Bunion, which is a rock formation, you will have amazing mountain views.

4. Bullhead Trail

The Bullhead Trail is another trail that can take you to the summit of Mount LeConte. If you just hike the first part of the trail, it is 5.9 miles roundtrip but to the top of the mountain is 14.8 miles roundtrip. As you hike the trail, you will have awesome views of mountains, valleys, and much more. Bullhead Trail is actually the least used trail to get to the top of Mount LeConte. You can also use the beginning of this trail to get to Rainbow Falls, a popular waterfall that is actually the tallest single drop waterfall in the national park.

5. Mt. Cammerer

mt cammerer

The trail to Mt. Cammerer is about 11 miles roundtrip and considered difficult. The beginning of the trail is near the campground in Cosby. The first part of the trail has a steep incline, but about 3.7 miles in, the trail levels off. Once you reach the fire tower, you will be able to look at 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. This trail is definitely worth hiking.

These are just a few of the places you should go hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains if you want to see mountain views. Want to stay in the great outdoors when you visit the Smokies? Learn more about our campground in the Smoky Mountains, then start planning your next trip!