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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Hiking Near Greenbrier

People hiking on a trail
May 4, 2016

When you stay at Greenbrier Campground, you’ll be close to some of the best Great Smoky Mountains National Park hiking trails in the park! These are some of our favorite hiking trails nearby, so when you’re planning a day in the mountains, be sure to check these out:

1. Ramsey Cascades

Ramsey Cascades hiking trail in the Smoky Mountains

  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Total hiking time: 5-7 hours
  • 4.7 miles from Greenbrier entrance

About Ramsey Cascades

Ramsey Cascades is the tallest waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and it’s also one of the most spectacular. The water drops 100 feet over the rocks and collects in a small pool area where you’ll find lots of salamanders – especially in the warmer months.

The trail is considered strenuous because it gains over 2,000 feet in elevation over only a 4 miles course (8 miles roundtrip)

The hiking trail runs along rivers and streams, so there is beautiful scenery along the entire trail. The final 2 miles runs through the old-growth forest where you’ll see trees like tulip trees, basswoods and yellow birches.

2. Porters Creek Trail

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Total hiking time: 3-4 hours
  • 3.1 miles from Greenbrier entrance to fork

About Porters Creek Trail

Porters Creek Trail in the Smoky Mountains is known for its historical sites and beautiful spring wildflowers. Remnants of farmsteads, cemeteries and shades of the Porters Creek community are found throughout this 4 mile round trip hike.

The Smoky Mountain Hiking Club cabin, built in the 1930s, is still standing just as t was utilized until 1981. At roughly the 2 mile mark, you will arrive at Fern Branch Falls which drops off a ridge on the left side of the trail. This is a lovely hike any time of the year., but it’s especially beautiful in the spring and summer months.

3. Old Settlers Trail

Group hiking along a trail in the Smoky Mountains

  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Total hiking time: 2 hours to overnight
  • 4 miles from Greenbrier entrance

About Old Settlers Trail

Old Settlers Trail is full of artifacts from the time people lived here before the park. If you’re looking for a historical Great Smoky Mountains National Park hiking trail, this may be the one for you. You can spend as little or as much time on this trail as you would like. It’s well maintained and easy to navigate, however, it is a 15.8 mile hike, so it’s not a trail you’d want to take kids to hike.

The trail is perfect for anyone who would like an overnight camping experience or just a peaceful stroll through Parton town and back to the car. It’s highly recommended for those interested in seeing what is left of the hundreds of home places that were once a part of the Smokies.

4. Brushy Mountain Trail

  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Total hiking time: 8-10 hours
  • 3.1 miles from Greenbrier entrance to Porters Creek trailhead

About Brushy Mountain Trail

Brushy Mountain Trail begins off of the Porters Creek Trail. This is a fairly strenuous hike that totals 11.7 miles and features amazing views along the northern part of Mount LeConte. You can also access Mt. LeConte from the Trillium Gap Trail at mile 5.5 or continue right at this junction to the summit of Brushy Mountain. The summit offers views of Charlies Bunion, Mount Guyot and Mount LeConte to the south.

To be close to of all of these Great Smoky Mountains National Park hiking trails, be sure to check out the Greenbrier Campground. We are newly renovated and have the most beautiful campsite in the Smokies. You can reserve your campsite online or give us a call!