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5 Safety Rules to Follow on Your Smoky Mountain Camping Trip

Beautiful aerial view of Greenbrier Campground in the Smoky Mountains.
December 20, 2018

There’s simply no better way to take a much needed vacation than there is when you go Smoky Mountain camping. Our campground is a great place to get some quality nature time, but be sure you’re doing it safely. If you follow our rules for safety, you’ll be guaranteed a happy time spent in the lovely Greenbrier area, so here are 5 rules to follow that’ll make for a safe and fun camping trip!

1. Fire Safety

Fires are certainly no joke, so it’s important to be careful when dealing with it. Our rules are pretty simple, as they aren’t meant to cause anyone problems. You can use any of our designated fire rings for your campfire, and also, be sure to properly dispose of cigarette butts in our designated trash bins. Follow these basic rules, and you’ll keep this area beautiful!

2. Practice Proper Supervision

Two kids having a water fight

Your children are the most cherished members of your family. We don’t want anything bad to happen to them, so all we ask is to keep a close eye on them when you’re out playing with them in the many areas of our campground. Smaller children need to have adult supervision, especially when swimming. This is a time for togetherness on your Smoky Mountain camping trip, and you’ll want to capture every moment with them!

3. Keep Areas Clean

Nobody likes a litterbug. You should definitely think twice about throwing your trash on the ground when you see how picturesque your environment is. If you’re a person who gets upset when they see trash on a hike, then this will be fully understood. Dispose of your trash properly, and you’ll keep this campground looking wonderful!

4. Keep Pets on a Leash

We understand that people want to take their pets with them on their Smoky Mountain camping trip, and we love seeing owners with their pets here. What we don’t want to see are dogs running free and preventing others from having a good time. All we expect is for you to keep your pet on a leash and pick up after them. You and your fellow campers will understand, and it’ll keep your trip enjoyably peaceful!

5. Be Respectful of Your Fellow Campers

To sum it all up, all of these safety rules demonstrate how you’ll be respectful of others when you follow these simple rules. We want to you have the most enjoyable time at our campground, but being respectful means not being overly loud late at night and behaving responsibly. This is the place for you to have an excellent time out in nature, so it’s only natural that you expect the same from others as well.

Greenbrier Campground is a place full of happy Smoky Mountain camping visitors, and we love all of our guests that come here to have a good time! Take a look at our full list of ​rules and regulations and start planning your camping trip​. We’ll see you soon!